Vocabulary for airline business

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Vocabulary for airline business

The person that drives the plane. The pilot announced before the flight that he would be taking a speedy route. Pilots take a long time to learn to fly.

Vocabulary for airline business

What on earth are we waiting for? Well I think the pilot has to do a few checks before we fly. Oh I get it. I suppose he is a pilot after all! I should think so! Pilots have to train for a long time before they are allowed to fly commercial planes.

When we are up in the air, the pilot is responsible for all of us! How high in the air something is.

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The stewardess said we were flying at an altitude of 7, feet. As we came in to land, the altitude of the plane decreased slowly. Greta look how high we are! Oh yeah, the screen says we are thousands of feet up in the air. I learned at school that they call that altitude.

What an experience to be able to be this high up in the air and see absolutely everything! Absolutely, we live in amazing times. Mechanisms that spin to allow the plane to fly. The pilot told us that the plane had been delayed because there was a bird in the propeller.

Old aeroplanes used to have wooden propellers. It helps the aircraft to fly. Ah yes I was trying to remember the name! They have huge ones on helicopters. I think the aeroplane ones are pretty big too! They have to be very powerful to carry us all through the air.

Agreed, I would be too scared to fly!

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The area where planes take off and land. The runway always has lights around it so that the pilot can see where he is going. There can sometimes be three or four aeroplanes on the runway at the same time.

Ah yes, the runway. The one with all the lights around it. When a plane is adapted to fly with speed through the air.In the Cdn Edition of the book Global Business Today, authors Hill & McKaig maintain that cultural factors are so important they can sometimes raise the cost of doing business..

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Hill & McKaig explain with an example from the U.K. "Historically, class divisions were an important aspect of British Culture, and for a long time, firms operating in Great Britain found it difficult to achieve. Airline Travelling by plane is currently one of the most common forms of transportation to get to overseas destinations However, making reservations and buying tickets are only the first steps.

Actually, you should know what to do and what to say once you are in an airport or in a plane. This English listening Web site created by Randall Davis helps ESL/EFL students improve their listening comprehension skills through practice with self-grading quiz pages.

The Internet TESL Journal A Simulation for Business English Students A Six-Unit Course. Heather Hanson Trident School of Languages (Nagoya, Japan) tridentl [at] initiativeblog.com Solving Vocabulary Quiz will help you to know the usage of words.

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