Treasure island essay jim

Jim Hawkins, who is also the narrator of the book, is a young boy who discovers a treasure map in the chest pocket of deceased Billy Bones, and accompanies the Doctor and Squire on the Treasure Island voyage. Squire Trelawney is a wealthy associate of the doctor.

Treasure island essay jim

Treasure island essay jim

An old sea captain named Billy Bones dies in the inn after being presented with a black spot, or official pirate verdict of guilt or judgment. Livesey and Squire Trelawney. Excited, they recognize it as a map for a huge treasure that the infamous pirate Captain Flint has buried on a distant island.

Trelawney immediately starts planning an expedition. Only the captain, Smollett, is trustworthy. Jim tells the captain about Silver and the rest of the rebellious crew.


Landing at the island, Captain Smollett devises a plan to get most of the mutineers off the ship, allowing them leisure time on shore. Frightened of the pirates, Jim runs off alone. Jim flees deeper into the heart of the island, where he encounters a half-crazed Treasure island essay jim named Ben Gunn.

Meanwhile, Smollett and his men have gone ashore and taken shelter in a stockade the pirates have built. Jim returns to the stockade, bringing Ben with him. Silver visits and attempts a negotiation with the captain, but the captain is wary and refuses to speak to him.

The pirates attack the stockade the next day, and the captain is wounded. By chance, the pirates do not spot Jim, and he floats around the island until he catches sight of the ship drifting wildly.

Struggling aboard, he discovers that one of the watchmen, Israel Hands, has killed the other watchman in a drunken fit. Jim takes control of the ship, but Israel turns against him. Jim is wounded but kills Israel.

Jim returns to the stockade but finds it occupied by the pirates. Silver takes Jim hostage, telling the boy that the captain has given the pirates the treasure map, provisions, and the use of the stockade in exchange for their lives. Jim realizes, however, that Silver is having trouble managing his men, who accuse him of treachery.

Silver proposes to Jim that they help each other survive by pretending Jim is a hostage. However, the men present Silver with a black spot and inform him that he has been deposed as their commande In a desperate attempt to gain control of his crew, Silver shows them the treasure map to appease them.

Silver leads Jim and the men to the treasure site, but they are shocked to find it already excavated and the treasure removed.

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The men are angered and near mutiny again. At that moment Dr. Livesey, Ben Gunn, and the others fire on the pirate band, which scatters throughout the island. After spending three days carrying the loot to the ship, the men prepare to set sail for home.Essay about Evolution of the Character Jim in Stevenson's Treasure Island - Evolution of the Character Jim in Stevenson's Treasure Island Everyone has two sides to their personality.

Sometimes one side is displayed and other times the opposite side is displayed. Treasure Island Treasure Island is an amazing adventure, one that everyone dreams of since childhood, is the quest for a secret treasure in a distant island.

Treasure island essay jim

A brave boy, among good and bad pirates, within the exotic setting of a mysterious island, is the protagonist of one of the most famous stories for the young. Jim Hawkins vs. Long John Silver: The Inadvertent Intersection of Success and Villainy in Treasure Island Anonymous 9th Grade Treasure Island Any basic plot is driven by the conflict from opposing trails to intertwined goals.

Treasure Island is an adventure story and not a novel of character, because Jim Hawkins is its narrator and Stevenson chooses to have him tell it as he tells it. He . Jim’s father’s doctor, Doctor Livesey, is the first Jim and his mother go to after escaping from their inn with the map after a group of pirates brake into it searching for Billy Bones, he and Squire Trelawney are the leaders in the treasure Island/5(1).

In Robert Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Jim, the protagonist, tried to get Captain Flint’s legendary treasure while fighting lying, deceitful pirates.

Robert Louis Stevenson used suspense, imagery, and foreshadowing as part of his craft to tell the story of Treasure Island.

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