The strategic position

The Mission The Mission: Let us take my strategic position in setting up my business as a public speaker I am not bragging I discovered that as a strategy expert I will never see the light of day in the market place compared to the Harvard professors and management consulting firms who are entrenched in the ground of their market.

The strategic position

The future Each futurology is based on the past and present. Whether the future is predicted from the flight of a flock of ducks, or from the way in which coffee grounds spread under a turned cup, or from thoughts of wise men: Trend research according to Naisbitt shifts in the basically closed news circuit is based on small shifts which announce future developments.

Information collection

If we can get hold of today's trends, we may perhaps extrapolate them into the future. It is important for everybody to map the non-volatile developments which are relevant to the own organization. A first exploration of the strategic positioning can be constituted by extrapolating the trends and by gearing them to the field in which the own organization operates.

Information collection The steps to be taken are internal research and external research. Internal research Where does our organization stand? What internal The strategic position are decisive for survival and for failure or success, both in a positive and in a negative sense?

It is advisable to draw up a list of own relevant criteria, which are applicable to the branch you are working in. This will help determine the strong and weak points of the own organization.

External research What influences from outside can be of decisive importance to the realization of the organization's objectives? Model lists of such factors are available but the organization should come up with its own relevant criteria, which do not only belong to the sector but also, for instance, to region-specific developments.

This will help describe the opportunities and threats of the organization. Future opportunities and threats are also mapped occasionally by making use of extrapolation trend curves or mathematical models or by consulting experts in a systemized way.

Or by making one or more empirically founded, plausible constructions of the anticipated developments scenarios. Analysis One can make an analysis of the strategic position by confronting the data of the internal and external researches with each other.

An often used method is the SWOT analysis.

The Strategic Position and Action Evaluation Matrix (SPACE)

Four lists of factors are drawn up: Strong Weak Opportunity and Threat. This is usually done in a group meeting of members of the organisation.

Questions raised with this method are: Can you, departing from the existing product range, think of new applications markets? And can you supply markets where you are already on firm ground with a variation on your product?

The strategic position

New Zealand sheep farms inventing a new application of wool at times of stiff competition on the wool market: A third method is the Portfolio analysis, which is derived from stock exchange operators wondering: A specific portfolio is that of the Boston Consultants Group, which holds the investment or the growth of the branch of industry Y-axis against the profit or the market share X-axis.

Four fields then come into being:strategy is a suitable fit with the strategic position. If not, the organisation needs to determine what changes it needs to make and whether it is capable of. Phase 1: Determine Your Strategic Position A strategic plan is your organization’s roadmap or trip plan.

Where you’re headed is your vision and why you’re going is your mission.

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What is strategic positioning? If strategy defines the lens through which all company decisions are assessed, then a company's strategic position is simply the view of a company that results from their strategy-driven decision making. The overall intended objectives and approach to a situation.

Most business managers will carefully develop a well thought out strategic position and take considerable steps to communicate it to staff clearly so that all parts of the business can be operating toward the firm's stated goals. Strategic Positioning Definition.

Strategic positioning is concerned with the way in which a business as a whole distinguishes itself in a valuable way from its competitors and delivers value to specific customer segments (Wickham, ). Strategic Positioning Description * * The full technique overview is available for free.

For formulation of framework another important matching tool is used, which is known as Strategic Position and Action Evaluation or SPACE Matrix. It specifies the current strategic position of the Business Organization and the required actions that need to be taken.

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