Specialised techniques

Boiling Braising — a combination-cooking method that uses both wet and dry heats:

Specialised techniques

Hama discovered bloodbending in her prison cell. Bloodbending is a sub-skill within waterbending, recognized as the darkest and deadliest of all specialized techniques. It was discovered by Hama during her imprisonment at a facility designed to detain waterbenders, who realized that all living organisms contain water.

The practice of bloodbending essentially allows a user to manipulate the water inside another body, allowing control over a victim's individual movements. Given its extreme nature, only a Specialised techniques of waterbenders have demonstrated Specialised techniques ability to bloodbend.

Due to the complex and sophisticated nature of the technique, it can typically be performed only during a full moon, when a waterbender's power is at its absolute peak. As an extremely powerful and gifted waterbender, Amon was able to use bloodbending to take bending away by severing active chi paths.

Healing Katara discovered her healing abilities after dipping her burnt hands in a lake. Healing is a special ability possessed by some waterbenders that enables them to heal those who have been wounded, including themselves. This is accomplished by drawing upon the life-giving properties of water, which are used to heal numerous types of physical wounds and illnesses.

Healing can also alleviate certain types of stress caused by mental strain. Though the technique is effective in many contexts, it is limited in scope. For example, healing is ineffective in treating birth defects, such as Toph Beifong's blindness or the complications associated with Princess Yue 's birth.

Water from the Spirit Oasis has special properties that can heal wounds otherwise unaffected by regular water, such as the fatal wounds Aang sustained at the hands of Azula during their battle.

Spiritbending is a variation of the healing technique which allows the user to instill a balance or an imbalance within spirits.

Specialised techniques

It was invented by Unalaq[9] who successfully taught it to Korra. When used to change a spirit's negative energy into positive energy, the water, followed by the spirit, will begin to glow a golden light, at which point the spirit dissipates or assumes a pacified form.

When the technique is used to change positive energy into negative energy, the water and spirit emanate a purple light. When used against humans, this variation has the potential to destroy their souls. Lavabending Bolin used lavabending to liquefy the earth around him.

Lavabending is a rare technique which involves the manipulation of molten rock. The first known user of lavabending was the Fire Nation Avatar who preceded Yangchenwho used it to cause the simultaneous eruption of four small volcanoes.Film techniques Camera angles: Bird’s eye view- An aerial shot of a view, sensation of flying or floating Eye level- Camera is positioned at the character’s eye level.

Specialised Techniques

Often used to display facial expressions and focus on dialogue. Specialised Techniques. Mount Lawley Wellness on Beaufort will implement N.O.T. as a testing and treatment tool within our wellness module.


Kinesiology. Oct 03,  · Techniques for Administering Medicine; Here are some effective techniques that can make your job a little easier in helping the medicine go down. Make sure you're measuring the right initiativeblog.com: Gina Bevinetto. Specialized bending techniques are sub-skills that exist within each of the four bending arts, of which only skilled benders can take advantage.

Each sub-skill requires a different level of mastery over the root element from which it is derived, as its practice often deviates from conventional. Specialized Microscopy Techniques. Modern microscopists and optical engineers have developed a wide spectrum of useful techniques designed to aid in contrast enhancement, provide better observation, and assist in the collection of photomicrographs and digital images of a wide variety of specimens.

Given the promising ongoing developments in survey techniques and the well-known limitations of asking sensitive questions directly, we suggest that specialized questioning techniques developed specifically to investigate sensitive topics should be .

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