Single in eisenberg

Early life[ edit ] " Every morning she had a duck party, she would wake up very early and tune her guitar and warm up her voice, and it taught me that you could take performance seriously.

Single in eisenberg

After about 35 years the company decided to add jewelry to their clothing to show the public a more completed "look"; the jewelry proved to be so popular that retailers had difficulty preventing people from stealing the jewelry off of the clothing. In a flash of inspiration it was decided to sell jewelry separately from the clothing.

For almost 20 years this jewelry was unmarked, but in approximately it was decided to mark jewelry with "Eisenberg Originals" sometimes the "original" was left offa mark that was used until the late 's most of the WWII era pieces were also sterling and marked as suchwhen a script "E" and eventually Eisenberg in block letters replaced the first marking.

A block E was also used closer toand from to present Eisenberg Ice has been used, with pieces in the 's and 's for the most part remaining unmarked.

In Eisenberg introduced Eisenberg Ice Classics, which also continues to the present. The clothing line was discontinued in the 's. Eisenberg clothing, for the most part, was solid colors, in black, grey, and navy, well-made, conservatively cut daywear in the form of suits and daytime dresses, aimed at well-to-do housewives.

The jewelry was beautiful and varied, but often featured Swarovski rhinestones, as the Eisenbergs, who were Austrian emigrees, felt it important to support their former countryman, but whom also produced the finest quality glass stones in the world, and the Eisenbergs wanted that quality of stone used in their line.

Both all clear and colored stones pieces were made, with the colored stone pieces being the most expensive and highly priced.

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While dress clips and later fur clips formed the bulk of the production, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, rings, belts, and other types of dress ornaments were produced, as well as accessory items such as compacts and even perfume.

Most, but not all, of the pieces marked Eisenberg Original also have a stonesetter's mark in the form of a letter or a number in a circle. In the 's, postwar fashions changed dramatically and the "cocktail style" was the hottest thing around.


Fabric was at a premium during WWII and with fabric companies back in full production, the clothing industry responded with dresses that required many yards of fabric.

Rhinestone jewelry changed as well, with both clear and colored stones being popular, but the look changing to reflect the use of pave small stones that were paste set in lines or entire parts of a design. Eisenberg began using styles that had paved "curliques" and "wings" that gave its pieces a distinctive look, particularly when juxtaposed with fancy cut colored stones of various shapes and sizes.

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The Weiss company copied this look, and occasionally even used the same findings that Eisenberg used, which is why sometimes you will find pieces that are signed Weiss but look like Eisenberg. In the early's, Eisenberg produced a line of hand-enameled pendant necklaces, earrings, hinged bangles, rings and brooches in "mod" color schemes, using designs loosely based on the works of contemporary "Surrealist" artists.

While these have not proven to be as highly sought after as the rhinestone pieces, they are well-done, interesting, and very wearable, and should not be ignored by the die-hard Eisenberg collector. The advertisements of the time period say that the pieces were baked 27 times, so the finishes, by and large, have held up very well except under hard use.

The Eisenberg company returned to making rhinestone jewelry, but started producing Christmas tree pins; over time, the production and popularity of these pieces has exceded interest in their non-Christmas pieces; however, the company still produces very nice "social occasion" pieces.

In they issued a line of Eisenberg Ice "Classics" based on designs previously done by the company, which came in a specially marked box and the pieces were signed Eisenberg Ice in script with a tiny ' No other legitimate pieces of Eisenberg are signed Eisenberg Ice in script.

Single in eisenberg

The line, which met with limited success due to the high cost of production reflected in the pricing, was begun again aroundand continues to this day, with these pieces now being marked with the traditional Eisenberg Ice plaque that is seen on all the rest of the pieces.

When I visited the Chicago showroom in the early 's, Karl Eisenberg, grandson of the founder Jonas Eisenberg, was still head of sales, though the company had been sold to a larger jewelry conglomerate several years before.

Eisenberg was kind enough to spend about an hour talking to me about his company ; he expressed to me at that time his amazement at the collectibility of his company's production and how, while he knew there were massive private collections of the company's pieces, that they the company had not, for the most part, saved pieces for their own archives.

To my knowledge he is no longer active in the day-to-day operation of the company. Current brand new Eisenberg pieces are available in the "contemporary" section of our website. Contact me ppj ncn. Eisenberg Clear Rhinestone Layered Brooch - Signed Eisenberg in block letters, this uses round, marquise, pear and egg shaped stones to form a heavy, substantial piece with incredible sparkle.

Very good condition with mild greying around the edges. The design and workmanship of this piece can only be truly appreciated in person.

Two holed fur clip mechanism, signed Eisenberg Original on the body of the piece and the stone setters circle is there, though no number or letter.

Excellent condition, you will love this piece. Excellent restored condition, this is an attention-getter. Silvertone, probably rhodium plate.Jamey Eisenberg expects this to be a big year for rookie running backs, including Rashaad Penny, Derrius Guice, Ronald Jones and Royce Freeman, who are all highlighted in his second version of.

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