Saul becomes paul essay

Paul is a pivotal character of history. From a relative first-century obscurity, to a modern international figure, no one, aside from Jesus Christ himself, has been so influential.

Saul becomes paul essay

The same phrase could have been used to describe Saul of Tarsus; a child of the best upbringing; a student of the vaunted teacher, Gamaliel; a Roman citizen; trained in the best Jewish schools; groomed, perhaps, to even become chief priest.

And this pious man was bent on the destruction of the believers in Jesus. In order to understand Saul of Tarsus it is important that we put him into historical context. God had designs for this bright young man, and in His sovereignty He was prepared to knock Saul off His high horse.

There can be little doubt that Saul was familiar with the Galilean man who was known as Jesus. Though Saul may have been consumed by his study of the Torah and Talmud — the Jewish holy books, there was talk of this back woods preacher and the stir He was creating throughout Israel.

He may have been one of the unnamed lawyers who confronted Jesus with questions in the Gospel accounts? It is conceivable that Saul was one of the pious Pharisees trying to console a weeping Mary and Martha at the death of their brother Lazarus. Whether he was physically present when Jesus raised the 3-day dead Lazarus from his rotting rest, it is sure that Saul heard of and pondered this indisputable miracle.

This shocking development created such a sensation that the panicked religious leaders ramped up their efforts to arrest and execute the backwater mystic before he brought down the wrath of Rome on their heads. Saul could have been in attendance at the infamous midnight trial of Jesus before the Sanhedrin.

Perhaps he was outside in the courtyard of Caiaphas warming himself next to the fire. Maybe he heard the servant girl accusing a gruff-looking Galilean of being a follower of this Jesus. He may have been amused at the unrefined manner in which this fisherman cursed and raved the third time he was accused.

After the death of Stephen, Saul was fanatical about destroying this new sect.

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Saul launched a holy war against the Church, scattering the believers. He made havoc, entering homes, sending many to prison — even putting some to death.

He was beginning to attain the notoriety that he had always craved. If he was going to rise to the level of prestige and power that he believed was his destiny, he would have to prove himself worthy. When word came that these followers of Jesus had spread into Syria, Saul requested permission to go to Damascus.

With great delight the High Priest granted him letters to take to the synagogues of Syria. As Saul and his colleagues came near Damascus, suddenly they were flooded with glorious light. It was like looking into the sun from only a yard away. Saul fell to the ground and suddenly a voice emanated from within the light.

The voice was both terrifying and soothing at the same time. It is hard for you to kick against the goads. Or worse, could it be a messenger from Satan, trying to distract him from his holy quest?

Saul becomes paul essay

If this was Jesus, that would mean that nearly every great leader in Israel was wrong … so very wrong. How could they have misjudged him? Unless those confusing passages of Scripture concerning a suffering savior could somehow speak of the Messiah?Saul Becomes Paul.

Essay by biblegirl22, November download word file, 3 pages, Downloaded 19 times. Keywords Christianity, Bible, Jew, clothes, mistakes. 0 Like 0 Tweet. Saul's story is one we have all heard many times, but it is a story that shows that God can use us, even when we have tried to run as far away from him as we could.

1/5(1). Saul Becomes Paul Essay words - 3 pages Saul's story is one we have all heard many times, but it is a story that shows that God can use us, even when we . Saul Becomes Paul Uploaded by biblegirl22 on Nov 22, Saul’s story is one we have all heard many times, but it is a story that shows that God can use us, even when we have tried to run as far away from him as we could.

Free essay on Saul Becomes Paul available totally free at, the largest free essay community. Essay on Paul of Tarsus - Saul (later called Paul) of Tarsus Paul the Apostle, was a famous preacher of first century Christianity and was God’s tool used to spread the light of the gospel to the Gentiles.

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Paul The Apostle Of The New Testament Religion Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Unlike the person he was a few years earlier he now becomes a crazed, heartless, religious fanatic that desires to destroy anyone that believes openly what is contrary to what he believes.

His name now is changed from Saul to Paul and he.

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