Pharmacy inventory tracking system na

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Pharmacy inventory tracking system na

The inventory is needed to be updated frequently. This project will focus on pharmacy inventory management system which involve few main activities that are, drugs registration, drugs ordering, stock balance calmlation and report generation.

Currently, onfy drugs ordering activity is done using a computerized system and the rest activities are done manually. Some problems have occurred such as human- errors in recording and calculating which lead to the lateness of the rest activities.

A computerized pharmacy inventory tracking system PITS has been develop by including all the activities in pharmacy inventory management. The purpose is to speed up the daily activities.

Besides, PITS is develop to increase productivity of the pharmacy departments. Industri kesihatan merupakan sebuah industri yang melibatkan banyak inventori yang sentiasa perlu dikemaskini bagi memudahkan kegiatan harian. Projek ini menekankan kepada pengurusan inventori di dalam farmasi yang melibatkan beberapa aktiviti utama iaitu, pendattaran ubat-ubatan, pesanan ubat-ubatan, pengiraan baki dalam simpanan dan juga laporan aktiviti.

Semua maklumat berkaitan pengumsan inventori dikumpul melalui temuramah, fakta dan penemuan dan metodologi. Pada masa ini, hanya aktiviti pesanan yang dilakukan dengan menggunakan komputer manakala aktiviti-aktiviti lain dijalankan menggunakan kaedah manual dimana terdapat beberapa masalah yang timbul seperti kesilapan merekod, kesilapan mengira yang membawa kepada kelewatan di dalam aktiviti seharian.

Pharmacy inventory tracking system na

Sebuah sistem pengurusan inventori farmasi berkomputer akan dibangunakan dan akan merangkumi kesemua aktiviti didalam pengumsan inventori farmasi. Ini adaah bertujuan untuk melancarkan segala aktiviti harian di dalam sesebuah farmasi di samping meningkatkan lagi produktiviti mereka.

In addition, for these industries to hnction better they require accurate medical supply and equipment orders, tailored to the patient's needs, and delivered on-time. Inventory is a subject in business that is hope can maximize profit. However, in many cases inventory has turned into a major cash flow constraint that cause necessary to optimize inventory using analytical and statistical methods in manual approach that is using papers.

This will lead to paper wastage. In healthcare industries, inventory management system can handle their inventory especially in pharmacy department. This includes all the activities that run in a pharmacy such as transaction, order items, items movement tracking, and generate reports. Currently, this pharmacy is using a computerized inventory management system.

This system was built using DOS environment and it is use to handle their daily activities such as purchase order.


But in the same time, some problems have been occurred. It runs slow in terms of page navigation since usa need to jump from one page to another page using hyperlink.

The interaction between user and system is only using keyboard. Either to key in data or to using the system fimctions. Both situations will lead to time wastage. As the system is using by user through out the day, it must interactive and attractive yet still functioning as required.

PlTS is a computerized system that will be used to manage the inventory in a pharmacy. This system will have integration with database. This system will help the users to retrieve pharmacy information in more effective and better way. PITS is a system that will be able to be used by many authorized users.

It will be implement in a LAN network where two or more computers can run same activities in a same time. PITS will be develop in Windows operating system so that it will be more user friendly.

The modules that will include in this system involve all the inventory management activities right from registration new medicine and supplier information till the report generation. PITS is taking security issue as an important issue as user can login into the system only using different level of authorization.

Specifically, the pharmacy's staffs can record all the transaction activities while admin can configure the system as he will be able to edit all the inventory information. Admin also will be able to create the purchase order using this system. Besides, admin can generate a various type of reports and will be able to view any activity history.

The tracking mechanism will be done internally and it is one part of system intelligence to autdetects or check the stocks and give notification for the user, which product are reaching the re-order level. Therefore, the management and design of database must be performed in order to ensure the database growth and scalability.

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Users may assign the same drug (NDC) to multiple inventories, maintain separate inventory levels and acquisition pricing for the same NDC, and place separate inventory orders by inventory center.

Prescriptions are assigned to an inventory center based on system configuration defaults. Common Features of Pharmacy Software Benefits of Pharmacy Software What Type of Buyer Are You? Market Trends to Understand.

Common Features of Pharmacy Software.

Pharmacy inventory tracking system na

Most pharmacy management solutions offer much of the same features and functionality as a retail point of sale (POS) solution. They also include features that are specialized .

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it shows the interaction between actors. process and data store in the current pharmacy inventory initiativeblog.comCY INVENTORY TRACKING SYSTEM a Figure 3. Figure DFD Level 0 for as-is PITS Context diagram for as-is PITS II) Second level is Level 0 where in this level.5/5(2).

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