Persuasive flu shot

Joseph Albietz on August 21, Shares Fall is around the corner, and with it comes the influenza season. There can be no doubt, however, that this one set of viruses will exact a heavy toll for thousands of families this season. Too often in medicine we find ourselves confronted with problems we cannot fix. Some traumas are too severe, some infections have too much of a head start.

Persuasive flu shot

Not enough proof that flu shots work, researcher warns Not enough proof that flu shots work, researcher warns There isn't enough evidence that the flu vaccine is effective to support public programs advocating widespread use of flu shots, a controversial vaccine epidemiologist suggests.

Oct 27, October 27, There isn't enough evidence that the flu vaccine is effective to support public programs advocating widespread use of flu shots, a controversial vaccine epidemiologist suggests. Tom Jefferson argues that large-scale, long-term randomized controlled trials— the gold standard for generating scientific evidence— should be "urgently" undertaken todetermine ifflu shot programs are achieving their goals of lowering rates of cases and deaths.

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That's what I recommend. The collaboration funds and publishes Cochrane reviews, a highly specialized form of scientific analysis that amalgamates the findings of high-quality studies on a topic.


Jefferson didn't seem to feel funding agencies might balk at the notion of spending millions of dollars to go back to Square 1 to research the efficacy and safety of a public health intervention that has been in use for decades.

Vaccine still worth it: Canadian expert But Dr. Theresa Tam of the Public Health Agency of Canada took the flip side of the same argument, saying that from an ethics point of view, it might be impossible to enrol seniors in a study in whichsome get a placebo instead of a shot.

In the world of clinical trials, it is unethical— and not permissible— to withhold a drug, vaccine or other treatment if it has been proven to be effective either in treating or preventing a condition. In the journal, Jefferson argued too few good quality trials have been conducted to be certain flu shots are worth the time, effort and cost of flu vaccine programs.

His argument is bound to stir up ire in the community of scientists and public health authorities who deal with influenza, particularly now as clinics throughout the Northern Hemisphere are just starting their annual vaccination efforts.

Toronto specialist "That the BMJ would consider publishing an editorial from somebody saying that we should be thinking about not vaccinating at-risk people for influenza is a really bad thing," said Dr.

Jefferson and colleaguesin the vaccines field have in the past couple of years published Cochrane reviews challenging the efficacy of flu vaccine in children and the elderly.

The mere mention of his work provokes heated reactions in some circles. That may be in part because the Cochrane approach places limited value on data not generated through randomized controlled trials.

While other scientists acknowledge those studies are best, they note it isn't always possible to conduct them, and that an accumulation of other forms of evidence can make a persuasive case as well. McGeer pointed to a complaint in Jefferson's commentary about the lack of good, comparative data on the safety of flu shots.

Effectiveness of vaccine varies Flu shot advocates do admit the vaccine isn't as effective as they would like. Efficacy varies from year to year, depending on how well matched the strains in the shot are to those circulating and causing disease.

And the amount of protection depends on age— the shots provoke a better immune response in healthy adults than they do among the elderly, whose immune systems are on the wane.

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Conducting the types of trials Jefferson advocates wouldn't be easy, given that the amount of flu activity varies from year to year, the vaccine isn't always a perfect match for circulating strains and different ages respond differently to the shots.

Tam said that while the public health agency continues to conduct studies on the efficacy of flu vaccine, the type of abrupt re-examination of policy Jefferson is advising isn't in the cards here.In the end, the most persuasive argument for vaccination will vary from parent to parent.

Some may require gentle persuasion, while others may be content with a list of the facts. And of course, a. Transcript of Persuasive Speech- Flu Vaccine. Why Should You Get Your Flu Vaccine? Dylan Gragg ,, will die this year from Seasonal Influenza In the United States around 35, will die, , people will be hospitilized resulting in about 10 Billion dollars to be lost in production.

Persuasive flu shot

The Needle The Nasal Spray The Myth About . Today I am going to persuade you to get a flu shot by telling you history of the flu, facts about the flu, what kind of symptoms the flu causes, what the flu vaccination is, where to get it and finally how to treat it, if you end up with the flu.

Nov 25,  · I am doing a persuasive speech on the Influenza Vaccine (Flu Shot) and im trying to convince peopple not to take it..

Why Flu Shots Don't Work

The reason why i doing this is because I heard a lot of negative effects and also there's a myth of the flu shot get you the Resolved. While the source of the flu news did not make any difference for media influence on ‘the self,’ participants thought that for other people in the U.S., physicians would have a greater persuasive impact than government health officials.”.

Persuasive flu shot

5 Reasons To Not Get a Flu Shot Every YearTreatment & Prevention · Causes & Risk Factors · Important Facts · Signs & SymptomsTypes: A-Z Conditions, Family & Pregnancy, Fitness & Nutrition, Living Healthy.

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