Merits and demerits of religion

In this regard, there is a saying in Burma, "Your hands are always close to offering donations". Giving is the fundamental way of making merit for many laypeople, as monks are not allowed to cook by themselves.

Merits and demerits of religion

Advantages and disadvantages of religion?

Merits and demerits of religion

Not only metaphorically speaking, but physical at well in church. That is good; so they can stand together. For instance, think about the hundreds of thousands of homosexuals, who can not live the life they would like, because of the rules of some kind of religion - 'Beliefs' don't match reality Some religions deny important and well proven pieces of science, for instance the dinosaurs.

For they all 'believe', but they still see only the differences, and not the similarities. If you only sympathy with the religion, many will treat you as if you are responsible for the actions of the government of the religion.

What are the advantages disadvantages of religion? You could competely lose your job Share to: Advantages and disadvantages between information technology and religion?

InfoTech has made religion improve in its communication wit its members. Is it an advantage or a disadvantage to be skeptical of religion in general and your own religion in particular Why?

Personally I would consider it an advantage as men have added much 'religion' of which God does not approve. Thus, if we learn to think for ourselves then we can see what plea…ses God and what doesn't. God Himself is not at all threatened by genuine questioning. In fact He made our brain and encourages us to use it.

The trouble also with some skepticism is it is selectively applied.

While I agree with much of what Noam Kaiser says, I have a slightly different take on the advantages and disadvantages of religion from a human nature perspective. The disadvantages for me are several: Religion promotes magical thinking as a "solution" to moral and ethical problems. The following points may help you: The integration of religion and politics may have its merits like: a. When political parties represent minority religious groups. Disadvantages or Demerits of Religion 1. Religion has also supported at times such practices as cannibalism, suicide, incest, murder slavery and is responsible for many aberrations in social behavior.

People only want to be skeptical of the Bible and yet not skeptical of all the mis-quotes, not skeptical of the anti-Biblical conclusions and the non-evidence on which they are based and not prepared to be skeptical of numerous false arguments that are regularly used.

If one is a genuine free-thinker then one will see through all false arguments, wherever they come from and will arrive at the truth. The problem is, not many wish to do this as they are conditioned to be skeptical of ever finding what Francis Schaeffer called 'true truth.


Being skeptical of my own religion, in the light of having an objective standard from which to judge all things, the infallible Bible, has given me the opportunity to discover a lot more both about the Bible itself in terms of its objective truths and of the many unnecessary or optional additions made by men.

Some of these are helpful, others are downright disasters. Disadvantages--it may offend some people. Advantages--remind one of spiritual path.

What is a disadvantage? What are the advantages and disadvantages of believeing in a small religion? Smaller religious communities could also afford a more individual and private form of practice.

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For instance, it would be easier for a religious leader to forge individual relationships with the members of the group.

Disadvantages might include a more difficult time finding others who share your beliefs. If the members of the religious community are widespread, they could easily be hidden by the sea of larger and more influential religious institutions.

Along with that could come feelings of aloneness or isolation. All religions exist simultaneously and peacefully.

Religion is an integral part of Indian customs and traditions Share to: Why do have religion?ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF RELIGION ===>> Advantages: Religion gives strength In difficult times, it is convenient to be able to turn to something or someone.

The advantages are the you approach religion with an open mind and you have the ability to not judge so quickly, like many do, but make your own conclusion of what you want to take in and.

Reasons for adherence to religious belief See also: Existence of God Typical reasons for adherence to religion include. the following: "Experience or emotion": For many, the practice of a religion leads to religious experiences and pleasurable emotional highs.

Disadvantages or Demerits of Religion 1. Religion has also supported at times such practices as cannibalism, suicide, incest, murder slavery and is responsible for many aberrations in social behavior. Jul 25,  · Now, nobody can deny that religion has advantages, and nobody can deny that it has, perhaps major, disadvantages.

However, I was thinking . Merits and Demerits of ‘Insider’ and ‘Outsider’ Perspectives in the Study of Religions Arnaldo M.A. Gonçalves The gap between the insider and outsider visions of a religion has been a permanent topic of discussion in the last three decades, and interrelate the most important schools of.

What are the disadvantages of religion