Managing operations for airline industry

The Internet Industry Few inventions have changed how people live and experience the world as much as the invention of the airplane. During both World Wars, government subsidies and demands for new airplanes vastly improved techniques for their design and construction.

Managing operations for airline industry

Request Info Aviation Intelligence Center of Excellence PASSUR combines the best information; the most experienced team of experts with backgrounds in aviation operations, finance, environment, air traffic management, systems automation, and data visualization, to name a few ; and a unique set of predictive algorithms that enable our customers to address complex and expensive constraints that were previously thought to be unsolvable.

Surface Management including sequencing and metering.

Managing operations for airline industry

Predicted capacity imbalances Predicted and target arrival rates Base-lining performance, top airports in the National Air Space Diversion Management. Predicted hold times Diversion decision support in the flight deck Aviation Rates and Charges.

Former Army helicopter pilot. Air Traffic Management including surface management, departure metering and departure and arrival sequencing, surface predictive modelingairport demand and capacity modeling and management, use of predictive analytics to manage air traffic, decision support automation and integration, software solutions design and data flow architecture.

Alfonso is a Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and has trained and coached over individuals across multiple countries, industries, and disciplines in tools and techniques of business process improvement.

Bilingual in English and Spanish. Business intelligence, predictive modeling, data visualization, performance and operations research and evaluation. Design of high volume, low latency, high resiliency data and information systems; data architecture and management; wide-distribution, high-speed data visualization and collaborative workflow platforms.

Additional expertise in operations analysis, performance engineering, regulatory compliance, and emergency management. Founder and leader of Collaborative Decision-Making work groups and Industry lead Airline operational ATC, meteorology and airspace management strategies and best practices.

Integration of ATM support processes and tools into the core operational control and airport environments. Air traffic flow management technical operations and airport surface and airspace performance analysis; technical expertise in traffic flow management, ground delay programs, and all automation programs related to TFM.

Airport operations and airport business solutions, strategic partnerships with airport trade associations and company lead for business aviation products.

As the Managing Director of American Airlines Operations Planning and Performance team, directed operations planning and analysis including operational goals development, improved performance and operating efficiency initiatives through strategic planning, big data analytics, process re-engineering and decision support system implementation.

First transportation industry position was with US Airways Operations Research team developing schedule optimization software.

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Has since worked on many aspects of airline operations and network optimization including block planning, robust schedule development and operations recovery. Led the design and implementation of operational standards and hub structures post two US Airways mergers, improving operational performance while optimizing revenue simultaneously.

Surface management including winter deicing operations, restricted capacity operations, and departure metering programsconnectivity and collaboration including airfield information distribution systems and large event managementoperations planning and capacity modeling, and airfield rates and charges management.

Airspace and surface air traffic management decision support and optimization; integration of NextGen with commercial air traffic systems and programs; integration of advanced weather systems into air traffic management decision support systems.

Surface Management including departure metering, and arrival and departure sequencingcollaborative decision-making, traffic management optimization program design and management, technical training for large teams in change management and process reengineering.

Airline and Airport fees and charges optimization, air traffic management automation benefits measurement and reporting, return on investment modeling, business case planning. Air Traffic Management, airport demand and capacity modeling and management, use of predictive analytics to manage air traffic, decision support automation and integration, software solutions design and data flow architecture.

Broad spectrum data virtualization and post operations big data analytics. Strategic and tactical capacity management. Integration of weather intelligence data into air traffic management decision support systems.

Air Traffic Flow Management operations, redesign, and modernization; airport surface operations performance analysis; technical training for large teams in change management and process reengineering.

Dan has extensive knowledge of systemic ATFM operations and optimization. Strategic flow management, surface traffic management, Collaborative Decision Making CDMnational operations oversight — all flight services, airspace security, air traffic flow management, operational analysis and performance management, international liaison activities.Managing Operations for Customer Satisfaction and Enhanced Profitability With every organisation wanting to expand their reach and make an imprint in various markets, there will be enough external opportunities, strengths, etc for it, to make an impression.

We are currently seeking an experienced Manager of Airline Operations Planning to join our growing team at our JFK office the Program Manager is responsible for working with Customer Service General Managers and Regional Managing Directors on analyzing Be the first to see new Airline Ground Operation Manager jobs.

My email. Strategies for managing the flexible capacity in the airline industry. Ebru K. Bish. Corresponding Author. but at a higher cost of disrupting airport services and operations. Our objective is to provide guidelines on how the flexible Cost impact of dynamically managing generation reserves.

overnights, night versus day operations, cargo versus passenger operations, short-haul versus long-haul, etc.). The following is an expanded description of the individual elements of .

Operations Research in the Airline Industry. Editors: Gang Yu (Ed.) Buy this book eBook $ Models and Methods for Managing Airline Irregular Operations. Argüello, Michael F. (et al.) Pages Preview Buy Chapter $ Independent of organizational structure, many airlines ensure their planning departments abide by industry-best-practice principles and cover all required activities.

In doing so, they stay competitive in a dynamic environment, remain compliant with minimum industry standards and, in the long run, help maximize profitability.

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