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Early history[ edit ] Classical rhetoric had early singled out the critical category of the superficial charmer, whose merit was purely verbal, without underlying substance.

Leb presentation

UBI user-space tools, as well as other MTD user-space tools, are available from the the following git repository: This section provides information about how to compile the whole mtd-utils repository tree. You should find the UBI tools under the ubi-utils sub-directory.

The repository contains the following UBI tools: See here for more information; ubiupdatevol - updates UBI volumes; this tool uses the UBI volume update feature which leaves the volume in "corrupted" state if the update was interrupted; additionally, this tool may be used to wipe out UBI volumes; ubicrc32 - calculates CRC checksum of a file with the same initial seed Leb presentation UBI would use; ubinize - generates UBI images; ubiformat - formats empty flash, erases flash and preserves erase counters, flashes UBI images to MTD devices; mtdinfo - reports information about MTD devices found in the system.

All UBI tools support "-h" option and print sufficient usage information. Note, the ubiattach and ubidetach tools won't work if the kernel version is less than 2. Leb presentation is why logical eraseblocks are smaller than physical eraseblock - the headers take some flash space.

Please, refer this section for information about scalability issues related to this. This means that PEBs always have the EC header, except for the short period of time after the erasure and before the EC header is written.

Should an unclean reboot happen during this short period of time, the EC header is lost or becomes corrupted. Let's consider what happens to the headers in case of some UBI operations. The VID header is not written.

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UBI maintains two per-PEB headers because it needs to write different information on flash at different moments of time: This is why UBI needs to do two separate write operations and to have two separate headers. Volume table is an on-flash data structure which contains information about each volume on this UBI device.

The volume table is an array of volume table records. Each record contains the following information: Each record describes one UBI volume and record index in the volume table array corresponds to the volume ID.

Leb presentation

Count of records in the volume table is limited by the LEB size, but cannot be greater than This means that UBI devices cannot have more than volumes. Every time an UBI volume is created, removed, re-sized, re-named or updated, the corresponding volume table record is changed.

UBI maintains two copies of the volume for reliability and power-cut tolerance reasons. Implementation details Internally, the volume table resides in a special-purpose UBI volume which is called layout volume. This volume consists of 2 LEBs - one for each copy of the volume table.

The layout volume is an "internal" UBI volume, and the users do not see it and cannot access it. When reading or writing the layout volume, UBI uses the same mechanisms which are used for normal user volumes. UBI uses the following algorithm when updating a volume table record. Prepare in-memory buffer with the new volume table contents.

Un-map LEB0 of the layout volume. Write the new volume table to LEB0. Un-map LEB1 of the layout volume. Write the new volume table to LEB1. If one of the volume table copies is corrupted, UBI restores it from the other volume table copy.

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