How to write a resume for high school graduate with no experience

One good place in a student resume to do it is the objective statement. A good objective statement indicates the desired position, briefly mentions professional or academic background, and projects a sense of strength and enthusiasm: Writing on — Interests, hobbies and activities You can also add Hobbies, Interests and Activities section or Personal Characteristic section and describe any of your likes, which indicate — creativity, quick learning skills, flexibility, patience, an outgoing personality, etc. You can even specify in the resume that your class or activity helped you to acquire specific skills or experience related to the position you are seeking.

How to write a resume for high school graduate with no experience

Make sure your email address is professional. Have a mature, appropriate voicemail greeting on your phone. Only add it if location is important to the job. For example, if you will need to travel to multiple locations for that job and you live somewhere centrally located, showing your address might be beneficial.

As you gain more work experience, you may move your education section farther down in your resume. In reverse chronological order, list these details: Graduation expected June Relevant coursework: This section should be short and to the point.

Let employers know, in sentences, what your ultimate goal or objective for employment is. A common mistake when writing objective statements is talking about how the job will benefit you, rather than how you will benefit your employer. Marketing or PR position in which I can use my Public Relations degree to gain experience and learn about the field.

I have experience with a marketing internship and hope to learn more about using social media and modern PR techniques. Marketing or Public Relations position in which I can use my marketing experience to assist your business with modern PR techniques, including social media outreach, quality visual content, and online reputation management.

This objective statement tells prospective employers exactly what you have to offer. It provides details that might not be found elsewhere in your resume. This is what the objective statement should do: Start with the most recent one, and list each job in reverse chronological order.

For each job, show the job title, the name of the company, and the length of employment. You can also leave off any jobs that are completely unrelated to the job you want.

However, be careful not to leave any unexplained gaps in your work history. Give specifics about what your responsibilities or accomplishments were at each job. Bullet points are an easy way to do this. Use two or three bullets to describe the skills you used, or how you improved the business.

For example, if you were to put your restaurant work history on a resume for a banking job, it might look like this: These are all skills you might use at a banking job, even though your experience was at a restaurant. Remember to be detailed and specific in your Work History section.

Employers want to know exactly what you did or learned so they know what you have to offer as an employee. Interests and Activities For students who are new to the job market, interests and activities are a good way to show employers you have skills they are looking for.

If you were on a sports team, or were active in the chess club, those can show you are a team player. If you took dance lessons for 10 years, that shows you are passionate and committed. Information like this can help employers realize that you could be the best candidate for the job.

Relevant Skills For this section, you can go back to the notes you took about your skills in steps 1 and 2. Fill out this section using the skills that relate to the job you want. Having a detailed skills section on your resume can make up for a limited work history.

They show you have something to offer that other job seekers might not. As with every section on your resume, always add relevant details. Proficient in WordPress and Google Drive Experience with portrait and candid photography Experience conducting and transcribing interviews Professional communication skills Achievements and Awards Maybe you were in the Honor Society, or were Employee of the Month.

Awards, honors, and achievements from your academics, activities, or jobs are worth listing on a resume.current resume examples e college graduate no experience for recent with.

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how to write a resume for high school graduate with no experience

43 resume fresh. Posting a Resume: Write your resume; Anonymize your resume; My 21 year old brother is a high school graduate who has never held a job in his life.

In school his grades were mediocre, he has no volunteering experience, and the last school-related extracurricular activity he has ever done was high school football in freshman year.

May 10,  · Include your school, your major, the degree you expect to earn and the year you will graduate. If you’ve achieved academic honors like the dean’s list or phi beta kappa, include that as well. How To Write A Resume With No Experience Popsugar Career And Finance Resume For High School Student With No Work Experience Resume For High. Resume Template Styles. 13 High School Graduate Resume Templates Hloom Resume For High School Student With No Work Experience. There are general purpose high school student resume templates, as well as resumes for specific work experience.


These samples will guide you with a professional resume format and a basic idea of what to write. Sample Resumes - Recent High School Graduate Shortly after high school graduation Stephen has only minimal work experience, so he strengthens his resume with relevant skills gained in a variety of other ways--through classwork, odd jobs, and even helping around home.

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