Book review the seven whispers

I recently said some things, and they needed to be said, not a word among them was unkind or untrue, so I feel good about myself. In the Seven of Swords, I instantly identified with the Minotaur.

Book review the seven whispers

Monday, 22 October Review: Its one-sentence pitch is "Groundhog Day crossed with Agatha Christie". Our hero wakes up without memories, with a single word on his lips: He's in a forest and witnesses a young woman being chased by a villain.

He hears screams and a gunshot. And then someone pursues him, gives him a compass, whispers a word in his ear, and allows him to flee to the nearby country mansion Blackheath. In Blackheath, he finds people who know him, but his memories stay out of reach.

Book review the seven whispers

All he recalls is the violence he witnessed that morning. The day progresses with an unsettling feeling that there are dark secrets lurking in the house and the people who are gathered here. However, he manages to make one single friend, Evelyn Hardcastle, who sees possibility and potential in his blank state.

A promise of renewal, a new start, a chance to become a better man for there are unpleasant rumours about his profession The next morning, our hero awakes again, but in a different body, reliving the same day, looking at it through different eyes.

It is the day of Evelyn Hardcastle's murder, and our hero's task is to solve it. Seven Deaths is a novel that manages to build up intrigue and tension relatively gradually. If it weren't for the title, a reader might find the first chapters a bit slow, confusing and frustrating.

We don't even find out that Evelyn Hardcastle dies until he has gone through the day several times! Fortunately, the title tells us the grand drama that the narrator does not know, and therefore adds tension even in moments when the narrator is bumbling along gormlessly.

Each body he inhabits is different, and each body comes with different emotional patterns, instincts, and physical limitations. After the first day, our narrator is in a constant battle between his own mind and the habits of the person he occupies. Short-tempered people, calculating people, flighty people, sometimes his hands do things before his conscious mind notices them.

It's a very interesting idea, and I think in the hands of a virtuoso, it could have been gobsmackingly brilliant to read.


The same goes for the rest of the book: Characters may have secrets, but they don't tend to have much complexity. The basic crime story has peril, but is thin on authenticity.

The end result is a book that is immensely readable and good fun, but which feels like you can glimpse a hint of a magnificent could-have-been through the text that is.

A good novel that feels like it might have been great. Definitely worth a read.The prolific Romanian-born, Long-Island-dwelling poet Stefan Gheorgiu Theodoru has produced a bilingual collection of one-liners (which he persists, annoyingly, in calling "liners") in tribute to his countryman Ion Pillat (–), one of the forerunners of the Romanian haiku movement.

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Book review the seven whispers

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton Many thanks to Bloomsbury for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Advertisements. June 1, Scribbler Review s, agatha christie, But whispers from her past slowly begin to poison her new life.

Seven to Eternity, Vol. 1: The God of Whispers by Rick Remender