A narrative about a fisherman

But it seems that few people get this. People go through tremendous struggles to obtain something more, always more.

A narrative about a fisherman

He went to fish every day, and he fished and fished, and at last one day, when he was sitting looking deep down into the shining water, he felt something on his line.

When he hauled it up there was a great flounder on the end of the line. The flounder said to him: What good will it do you to kill me? I am quite ready to put back a flounder that can talk. Then the fisherman got up and went back to his wife in the hovel. You might at least have wished for a nice clean cottage.

Go back and call him; tell him I want a pretty cottage; he will surely give us that! He found the sea no longer bright and shining, but dull and green. He stood by it and said: My wife, Ilsebil, will have her own way Whatever I wish, whatever I say.

She took him by the hand, and said: Outside there was a little yard with chickens and ducks, and a little garden full of vegetables and fruit.

We can live here very happily. Everything went well for a week or more, and then said the wife: The flounder might have given us a bigger house. I want to live in a big stone castle. Go to the flounder, and tell him to give us a castle.

He said to himself: He found the sea was no longer green; it was still calm, but dark violet and gray. The walls were hung with beautiful tapestries, and the rooms were furnished with golden chairs and tables, while rich carpets covered the floors, and crystal chandeliers hung from the ceilings.

The tables groaned under every kind of delicate food and the most costly wines.

A narrative about a fisherman

Outside the house there was a great courtyard, with stabling for horses, and cows, and many fine carriages. Beyond this there was a great garden filled with the loveliest flowers, and fine fruit trees. There was also a park, half a mile long, and in it were stags and deer, and hares, and everything of the kind one could wish for.

We will live in this beautiful palace and be content. Next morning the wife woke up first; day was just dawning, and from her bed she could see the beautiful country around her.

See here, now, could we not be king over all this land? Go to the flounder. We will be king. I will be king. He stood there and said: My wife, Ilsebil, will have her own wayWhatever I wish, whatever I say.Fresh catch.

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A narrative about a fisherman

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This list of works about fishing is an excellent resource for. Sire, there was once upon a time a fisherman so old and so poor that he could scarcely manage to support his wife and three children. He went every day to fish very early, and each day he made a rule not to throw his nets more than four times.

After the story, the Genie pleaded for mercy, and swore to help him in return for being released. The fisherman accepted the bargain, and released the Jinni. The Jinni then led the fisherman to a pond with many exotic fish, and the fisherman caught four. Before disappearing, the Jinni told the fisherman to give the fish to the Sultan.

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The Fisherman by John Langan