A dangerous method essay

A long time has passed since psychoanalysis was considered to be an extraordinary, revolutionary, and scandalous method. Today, it is often seen as nothing but one of the ways to treat various psychic conditions; many opponents criticize psychoanalysis for what they often call narrow-mindedness: Freud and his followers believed every aspect of the human psyche should be viewed and analyzed through the prism of sexuality.

A dangerous method essay

A dangerous method essay

The movie has been filmed on various locations, mainly in Germany and Austria. It evolves around the relationship between Carl Jung as a young and promising Swiss therapist and a hysterical neurotic patient Sabina Spielrein, who belongs to a family of Russian Jews. The plot of the movie is heavily based on the correspondence that Sabina Spielrein had with both Freud and Jung, as well as on her personal journals and hospital records at the time when she was a patient of Jung and then Freud.

The director David Cronenberg shows how Sabina had influenced both the development of psychoanalysis with her then famous conception of the sexual drive as containing both an instinct of destruction and an instinct of transformation, presented to the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society inwhich is by the way often ignored or given very little attention nowadaysand the role she played in the complicated relationship of two brilliant minds of Jung and Freud.

As shown in the movie, Sabina seemed to play a significant role in the misunderstandings between the two psychiatrists, which later caused Jung to create a separate theory and psychological stream analytical psychologywhile Freud remained the founder of psychoanalysis.

Whether or not Sabina played a significant role in the relationship of Jung and Freud, is of course, highly debatable. But the perspective shown in the movie provides a new side to the story of their relations and gives plenty of food for thought.

Despite the fact that the movie might seem like a rather boring historical drama about how a couple of scientists worked on their later-to-become sensational theory of psychoanalysis, A Dangerous Method turned out to be quite an engaging and intriguing motion picture that is not exclusively aimed at an audience highly adept in psychology and its schools of thought.

The actress has unquestionably, accurately, and believably acted as a sick sociopath, a wicked lover, a vulnerable victim of her childhood traumas, and a brilliant scholar. The movie A Dangerous Method will be an interesting pastime option for those who are not looking for action and thrills but rather deep drama, romance, and an emotional experience.

The performance of the main actors will help everyone keenly feel every inner and interpersonal conflict, of which there will be plenty on the screen. It only stands to reason that the picture has been nominated for Golden Globe and has won several other respected awards.Essay on A Dangerous Method A Dangerous Method A Dangerous Method was nothing short of intriguing and moving.

It was a film based on psychoanalysis and the careers of some of its most well-known practitioners, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Sabina Spielrein, and Otto Gross. Essay A Dangerous Method A Dangerous Method David Cronenberg's latest film, "A Dangerous Method," recounts the relationship between two psychiatry pioneers, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, in the early part of the 20th century.

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A Dangerous Method Review I guess before reviewing “ A Dangerous Method,” I should say at least a couple of words about its subject: psychoanalysis and people impersonating it.

A dangerous method essay

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